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Carbon extreme paddle – Spider EXTREME

is our latest model of slalom paddle in which we used a unique inner surface of the blade. The concave grooves and irregular shape increase the effective working surface while maintaining the standard size. Thanks to months of testing, we can confidently say that this is an innovation that allows you to improve stability on the water, increase available power and draw more water during each stroke.

Andrej Malek (SVK), our team athlete, has demonstrated his skill with this blade by winning the 2019 ICF World Cup 2 in the men’s K1 Competition using this innovative paddle.
Choosing from variants of construction, size and stiffness of the shaft makes it possible to choose the right paddle for each level of athlete’s skill. In each variant, the blades are available with a stainless steel reinforcement along the outer edge, protecting the blade against damage.

Application: Kayak slalom paddle
User level: Professional athlete, hard training
Paddle material: Carbon extreme


Blade area701 cm2733 cm2752 cm2770 cm2
Blade length472 mm485 mm490 mm495 mm
Blade width207 mm210 mm215 mm220 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%
Shaft diameter28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mm
Paddle weight~ 685 g~ 700 g~ 715 g~ 730 g
Metal Tipsyesyesyesyes


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