Hunter CLUB

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Blade Size
Shaft Construction
Paddle Lenght
Angle twist
Is the paddle to be glued?
Paddle for advanced kayakers who prefer strong and sure grip and a powerful stroke.
– Ridges on the inside edge grants more stability during stroke
– Wide blades excel in sprints
– Very light weight with solid construction coming in at 660 – 710g
– Available in 4 different sizes and a choice of 3 materials
– Laser cut INOX Steel fittings
– Available with QNECT


Blade area690 cm2715 cm2735 cm2760 cm2
Blade length450 mm455 mm460 mm465 mm
Blade width201 mm211 mm216 mm211 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%
Shaft diameter28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mm
Paddle weight~ 640 g~ 660 g~ 700 g~ 720 g
Metal Tipsyesyesyesyes


Waga9.9 kg


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