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Blade Size / Construction
Paddle Lenght
Angle twist
Is the paddle to be glued?

When you choose a standard connection, please choose also : Paddle Lenght, Twist and Angle. At the next step You can choice paddle glued (You receive paddle ready to use) When you choose Qnect adjustable system mark the minimum lenght which You would like to have and skip Twist and Angle. The Qnect system gives You possibility of changing the length of the paddle + 10 cm. If you are not afraid of tools and you have a knack for DIY mark NO in the last check box.

Allround paddle – Barracuda

Check yourself at sea! We give you our latest product. Barracuda sea paddle. This is a new version of the versatile allround paddle, well known to canoeists. Thanks to generations of experience and cooperation with the best canoeists in the world.
We were able to create an oar made of the best materials, guaranteeing durability at a very low weight. The paddle through its modern line, large, ultra-thin blades give safety against supports, eskimo, even on large unexpected waves.
Paddle with Barracuda, your companion on sea expeditions and more.


Watch the video from Barracuda. Materials thanks to Bogumił Jarema Jarecki



Size XS S M L XL
Blade area 636 cm2 688 cm2
Blade length 485 mm 510 mm
Blade width 148 mm 155 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft 100% / 100% 100% / 100%
Shaft diameter 29 mm 29 mm
Paddle weight ~ 710 g ~ 810 g
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Cena od 1,699.00zł
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Morskie & Turystyczne


Cena od 1,699.00zł
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Qnect composite 28 mm

Our paddles are available with the QNECT adjustable system (aluminum or composite). This allows adjustments of the overall paddle length (within 10 cm) and blade angle from 0° to 85° right or left in 5° increments. The QNECT system allows the setting of your personal blade angle and also disassembling the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

QNECT composite – A solid composite system, made from special polyamide material which is extreme resistant to impact and salt water. Very easy to use, with the ability to correct the draw. Recommended for all paddles, especially in salt water.

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to clean the paddle and QNECT system after use in fresh water. If you use it in salt water, do it after each session. For paddles not used for more than two weeks – store disassembled.

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