Wiosło SUP dla dzieci – Warrior Jr. / dwuczęściowe

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40% Carbon
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Warrior JR – SUP paddle for kids.

This is our last product aimed at the youngest Stand Up Paddle lovers. The product was created on the basis of our top model Warrior Elite, where we adopted the smallest size of the blade with a specially shortened shaft, ideally suited for the youngest adepts taking their first steps in this discipline. The two-piece construction gives us a paddle adjustment range from 140 to 175 cm. This ensures that every kid will adjust them to their height. In one word: perfect SUP paddle for kids.The construction of the blade and the shaft was made of carefully selected layers of glass and carbon fibers, which translates into a very low weight of the whole set, which, despite the adjustment system, does not exceed 520 gr.

The predominantly used multi-directional fibers make the paddle more flexible compared to the unidirectional fibers that are found in most racing paddles. In addition, all components were manufactured using the highest quality epoxy resins with a properly selected modulus of elasticity.This combination allows the muscles to be properly loaded from an early age without over straining them. All this to make paddling fun for our little ones and ignite their passions for further adventure with the world of SUP.Each child is unique. If you want it to have such a paddle, please send us an idea or a ready-made graphic. We will propose a unique and inimitable design, so that every moment spent on the board gives you as much joy as possible.

Sizeone size
Blade area472 cm2
Blade length380 mm
Blade width148 mm
Carbon content – blade 40 %
Shaft diameter28 mm
Paddle weight~ 515 g
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Wiosła z włókna węglowego

Wiosło SUP Warrior ELITE / dwuczęściowe

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Qnect Kompozytowy 28 mm

Our paddles are available with the QNECT adjustable system (aluminum or composite). This allows adjustments of the overall paddle length (within 10 cm) and blade angle from 0° to 85° right or left in 5° increments. The QNECT system allows the setting of your personal blade angle and also disassembling the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

QNECT composite – A solid composite system, made from special polyamide material which is extreme resistant to impact and salt water. Very easy to use, with the ability to correct the draw. Recommended for all paddles, especially in salt water.

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to clean the paddle and QNECT system after use in fresh water. If you use it in salt water, do it after each session. For paddles not used for more than two weeks – store disassembled.

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