Tomahawk 2 EXTREME

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 A modern paddle based on the tried and tested model of the Tomahawk.

– Symmetrical paddle with even more possibilities for selecting the appropriate blade
– The concave design of the inner surface and ridges stabilising the blade during stroke
– The thin edges cause the water entry to be much more smooth
– Strong water grip, reliable and stable stroke and a very smooth exit phase.
– Uniform resistance force during the entire stroke
– Made in Monocoque technology without unnecessary connections between the blade and the shaft,
– Paddle available in three stiffness configurations


Blade area782 cm2782 cm2800 cm2840 cm2860 cm2
Blade length500 mm500 mm500 mm510 mm510 mm
Blade width500 mm180 mm186 mm193 mm200 mm
Carbon content – blade / shaft100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%100% / 100%
Shaft diameter28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mm
Paddle weight~ g~ g~470 g~480 g~510 g
Metal Tipsyesyesyesyesyes


From 244.50
From 347.97
From 347.97
From 347.97
From 347.97
From 347.97
From 347.97
From 347.97
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